Ecclesiastes 5: What is the nature of true worship?

This weeks Ecclesiastes column in Christian Today – perhaps appropriate for your worship tomorrow?

Solomon has identified many of the problems that we face in life today – the meaninglessness of it all – and he has shown that all of our solutions don’t bring real meaning. He had visited the courtroom, the marketplace, the travellers’ way and the palace.

Now, in Ecclesiastes 5: 1-7, he comes to the temple, but instead of simply saying ‘God is the answer’ he notes that worship is often meaningless. He observes the religious and notices that for all their religious ritual, sacrifices and vows it does not appear to make any real difference. Their acts of worship were insincere and hypocritical. I wonder if that is not the major problem in today’s church as well.

John-Mark Kuznietsov/UnsplashWhat is true worship?

We are to guard our steps in the house of God…

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