Molecular Machines – Dynein

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Have I mentioned that Monday’s have become my favorite day of the week, beloved? I absolutely adore researching Gods creative, intricate, design. Today I want to discuss a molecular motor that is very similar to the Kinesin we’ve previously discussed. The Dynein, a protein motor involved in muscle contraction, has one major piece that Kinesin is missing, gears!

The Dynein actually has shifting gears within it which control its speed. When the gear slows the Dyneins down they bunch close together, which allows a stronger pull force. This gear allows the Dynein to handle larger loads than the Kinesin, although it moves slower. Here is a short clip of this amazing machine in motion…

Isn’t that amazing, brethren? God, the God of the universe, Creator of all, condescended to become man. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, lived a sinless life, paid a debt He didn’t owe because…

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