The Beatitudes–a Paraphrase


by Ken Shuman, DMin, HGST Assistant Professor of Pastoral Leadership

Over the last several months I’ve been reflecting on the beatitudes of Jesus. The more I reflect, the more I find them to be challenging and life altering. The teachings of Jesus are occurring to me as more radical and more counter culture that I had previously imagined. I’ve tried to think of the beatitudes in practical ways and to use language that is more common. I’ve written my own paraphrase that reflects my thinking and study. I believe that this paraphrase reflects the original language and message.

  1. Happy, satisfied, and fully alive – are the humble, the unpretentious, those who don’t think they are superior to others, who don’t have contempt for anyone, who aren’t condescending and aren’t full of themselves – for they experience the God designed, heavenly life right now – they live in the bright new…

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