Philo of Alexandria

SBL Handbook of Style

Philo of Alexandria (a.k.a. Philo Judaeus, ca. 15 BCE–50 CE) was a Hellenistic Jewish philosopher. His extensive corpus is an important source of early Jewish biblical interpretations. SBLHS §8.3.6 includes guidelines for citing the works of Philo. This post updates those guidelines.

1. Name

Scholars frequently refer to this writer simply as “Philo.” In most cases, this is permissible. But if a given work also discusses Philo the Epic Poet (a.k.a., Philo Epicus, ca. second–first century BCE), who was also a Hellenistic Jewish writer, or Philo of Byblos (ca. first–second century CE), author of Phoenician History and other works, scholars should be careful to distinguish them in discussion, the abbreviations list, primary citations, and indexes.

2. Abbreviations

SBLHS §8.3.6 provides two sets of abbreviations for the works of Philo, one based on Latin titles and one based on English titles. Offering two sets of abbreviations can be confusing, especially in…

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