What Does A Seminary Professor Do? (Part 2): Research

Crux Sola


Most people know that in higher education, faculty are expected to do research and publish. Now, for seminary professors, what you do, why, and how much depends on the person and the institutional culture/regulations. Some seminaries have little to no expectation that faculty are actively publishing. In fact, some seminaries might discourage it because they would rather have the faculty member invest that time in teaching preparation and working with students. On the other end of the spectrum, I know institutions that place a good deal of pressure on faculty to publish often and at a certain academic level (e.g., elite publications). Most seminaries fall closer to the middle of this spectrum – faculty are required to do some publishing and to sit before advancement and tenure committees and demonstrate reasonable effort and success in remaining active in the guild.

What do seminary professors research and publish?

Again, it varies…

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