First Corinthians (I) by Hays

The Reagan Review

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Richard B. Hayes has given us in this commentary on First Corinthians one of the best volumes in the Interpretation Bible Commentary series. Though I often turn to this series to grasp the critical angle on a book of the Bible, I found this one to be more conservative than several I’ve seen in that series. Mr. Hayes is a captivating writer and that is a pleasant bonus in any commentary.

The Introduction begins with an explanation of setting. When he describes the city of Corinth, he feels that it is not as wild as some writers say. He believes it had only the normal vices of any seaport city. In describing the occasion of the letter, he feels it springs from two factors: a report from “Chloe’s people” that contained alarming news and a letter from the Corinthians themselves asking for clarification on several matters. He explained Paul’s background…

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