God’s Word for Church and Community – St Peters Services 25th Feb with Robin Sydserff, Andy Robertson – 1 Thessalonians 5 and Psalm 82


downloadLast Sunday was a special day for us.   In both the morning and evening there was a real sense of the Lord’s presence.  I thought Robin’s sermon in the morning was a stunningly appropriate one for St Peters (and I suspect for many other congregations), and our evening communion – looking at Psalm 82 – helped a number of people.  Our God is a God who cares for his people and for the poor.    The praise was wonderful (the penny whistle gave a real boost)…if you listen to the whole service you can get a real sense of the congregation and of what the Lord is doing in our midst – Robins analysis of us was perceptive, interesting and encouraging – loved Andrews two Charleston reports…

Morning service :

Songs – Give thanks to the Lord (forever you are faithful) ; Indescribable ;  Ps 23 (Townend); Psalm 87;  When…

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