Redeemed, restored and received.

Fountains of hope poetry


I had nothing

My clothes, torn

I was ashamed

I had no home and nowhere to go

I was a slave

To sin – lust

Trapped, I could not get out

My masters were cruel

They would not let me go

Gripping my throat

I was dying

Used and abused

I was told that I was no good

“Useless, might as well die.

why don’t you just jump off the cliff, go ahead!”

I heard them say

“She is no good.”

What had brought pleasure was now leading me to death

Then in my despair

I cried out

I heard of an exchange that had been made

New master?

“I wonder what it is going to be like now…” I thought

“Paid.” the old master tossed the papers at me, “Go!”

The new master was waiting for me

New clothes, new name, new identity, a child not a slave

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

Biblical studies, Health and Nutrition, Biology, Fitness, Hiking, Reading. Re-blogging doesn't equal agreement.

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