Eerdmans Sale on Ben Witherington Commentaries

Reading Acts

During the month of March, Eerdmans has some great deals on several volumes of the Socio-Rhetorical Commentaries series. These commentaries are mostly by Ben Witherington III, Matthew is by Craig Keener and Hebrews is by David deSilva. Unfortunately, Witherington’s excellent socio-rhetorical commentary on The Acts of the Apostles is not part of this sale (and does not appear to have been published as a Kindle book). If you do not have a Kindle, you can read the books with the Kindle App on your iOS or Android device on with the Amazon Kindle web app.

What is a “socio-rhetorical” commentary? In these commentaries, Witherington pays careful attention to the cultural background (historical and social) and brings this background to bear on the text. This means there are many references to both Jewish and Greco-Roman sources which illustrate aspects of the text. But these are also exegetical commentaries. Witherington comments on the Greek text…

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