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“Finding My Perspective, McCloud Falls” © 2018 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

He entered this world with a mind of his own… just a year and a half after his grandfather died and 15 months after his brother was stillborn.

I adored him from the start.  Perhaps, I loved him more because of my loss.

But love that child, I did.  He’s grown now, but I still clearly remember those early years.

Actually, such love caught me off guard.  You see, I’m not a baby person.

But this one was different.  I thought him the most wonderful being in all creation.

I’m told that most of us feel that way about our off-spring.  Somehow, those initially helpless, bawling beings capture our hearts.  And we’d do practically anything for them…

We’d go without just to feed them.  We’d do without to make their dreams come true.

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