Yeshua’s Rest Is Superior To That of Moshe and Y’Hoshua ~ Part 3a

My Heart is for Israel

Messianic Jews 4:1-10
Letter to the Messianic Jews

In my last post, I continued to explore that concept of the necessity of persevering faith to enter Yeshua’s rest contained in Messianic Jews 3:12-19.  In this post, I start the conclusion of this topic of rest with a warning against missing Yeshua’srest in Messianic Jews 4:1-10. [I originally wanted to go through verse 13, but there was just too much material to cover.]

A Warning Against Missing Yeshua’s Rest ~ Part 1

1 Therefore, let us be terrified of the possibility that, even though the promise of entering His rest remains, any one of you might be judged to have fallen short of it; 2 for Good News has also been proclaimed to us, just as it was to them. But the message they heard didn’t do them any good, because those who heard it did not combine…

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