It was like most nights in the arid Garden of Gethsemane – one of Jesus’ favorite spots to go for refuge from the crowds.  This was not to be like any other night however.  Earlier that evening, Jesus spent time with His disciples celebrating the Passover Feast.  During that time, He gave them His final encouragement.  He told them to not be troubled by the events that were to follow, for they were all part of God’s plan for salvation.  Certainly, they must’ve had a million questions for Him.  None of it made any sense.

After dinner they went to the Garden, while Judas met with the temple leaders to receive the payment promised for betraying the Messiah.  Jesus prayed persistently that His Father find another way to accomplish His will, yet He knew it was the only way.  Jesus was now committed to God’s plan, still He prayed to the point of sweating droplets of blood.


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