Bones of Fire

In The Courts of YHWH

Several years ago, I worked for a summer camp as a counselor. At the start of the season, all the counselors moved in early for orientation and training. Everyone got introduced to each other and we filled out our counselor biographies. One thing I remember vividly about the biographies was one of the other counselor’s answer to the question “If you had a super power, what would it be?” Traditional powers like flying and invisibility were considered taboo so you had to get creative with your answers. While other counselors were shooting root beer out of their fingers, this guy wanted to have “Bones of Fire”.

For anonymity, we’ll call this guy “John”. I had met him at at school before in my freshman chemistry class and knew he was a Christian. At any university, not every Christian hangs out with every other Christian but we all know each other…

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