Ecclesiastes 6 – Life in the Shadowlands

After the first and highly successful Live Aid, Bob Geldof turned to his fellow organiser Midge Ure, and asked, ‘Is that it?’ It was his reflection on the success and joy of Live Aid – a reflection which became the title of his autobiography.

Many of us can identify with this. We have this sense of something missing. We are aware of living in the shadows – what CS Lewis calls the Shadowlands. It’s a bit like being in the Matrix – having the vague feeling that there is something more. The shadows are passing. They are real but not real.


But what is reality? This week’s Ecclesiastes passage (6: 1-6) begins to ask and answer that most fundamental of questions – and to look for some real meaning. Where can we get that meaning in what is apparently an ultimately meaningless world?

Solomon speaks from the perspective of…

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