One Mom's Journey with CrossFit

Image result for roar by stacy simsRoar by Stacy Sims is not your average fitness book.  A book for women, Roar analyzes the differences between men and women in terms of fitness and how this affects your performance and life.

Her mantra:  Women are not small men so quit eating and training like one.  The book discusses how hormones are the driving factor in these differences and how women need to adjust their training to take that into account.

In essence, for decades all fitness advice was based on men’s bodies.  Women are fundamentally different and if a woman wants the results she desires, she had to treat herself as different.

Sims begins with a discussion on the menstrual cycle and how women’s bodies are affected.  At the beginning of the cycle (low-hormone phase) women’s bodies are most like men’s because estrogen is low.  It is the time of our peak performance and strength gains.  The…

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