Faith as a shield. (Ephesians 6:16)

Fountains of hope poetry

Faith as a shield.

To put out all burning arrows shot by the evil one.

The burning darts of the enemy

Really? You really believe that?

Will this be enough to last you through this entire period?

Will God really  provide for you?

Haven’t you been praying and believing for  healing the whole time?

Haven’t you been reading and declaring His word?

Where are the results?

What, you believe that? Science proves otherwise. A true intellectual would never believe that!

Look at all the smart people, the beautiful people, the rich people. They don’t believe in God, don’t you see? you don’t need to either

What preaching about Christ? Are you even qualified for that?

Don’t the people in that congregation prefer to listen to someone with clout,  you need a college degree at least. Are you a good public speaker?  better not to put yourself on the spot


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