Fr Abraham 2 -Terah born in Ur-Kasdim

Just me being curious

By -His(story) is meant .according to someones story., whether Abram’s God’s or Terah

The Journeys’ of Terah and Abraham sit within a timeframe Middle Bronze Age I-II (circa 2000-1700 BCE).

As I have said many times before, the Scriptures were not written to us, or even for us. The Hebrew Scriptures were compiled by various classes of Recorders and the Canon fixed anywhere from 400 BCE to  the 2nd century CE. Without touching on the details the canon was redacted more than once before development of criteria to measure the inclusivity of certain Scriptures.

Genesis is the Book of Beginnings, we are now dealing with the beginning of Judaism, via the his(story) of Abraham and Terah

Every nation has created its own god in its own image and resemblance.

And most Christians yearn to find their God in history:-

From the point of view of the Jews, whose His(story) this is…

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