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Life gets complicated,

Torrents of troubles rain upon us,

This brief time on earth is a mere whisper,

How do we withstand the storms,

How do we live through them,

How do we survive,

When life ebbs slowly away from us,

When friends and family pass away,

When financial worries overcome us,

When health issues surmount,

When it seems there is no end,

How do we survive,

We struggle to succeed,

Only to be battered down,

We strive to accomplish great deeds,

Only to be ridiculed,

We wonder how we fit into a world gone crazy,

How do we survive,

We’re amazed at the state of our youth,

We worry about the state of our churches and schools,

We fret over man’s inhumanity to man,

We mourn for the children of the world,

How do we survive,

God has a plan,

We know…

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