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Edward D. Andrews

As we have noted elsewhere, the textual scholar looks at two forms of evidence: external (manuscripts) and internal (what the author or scribe wrote). Internal evidence concerns what might have led to scribal errors. Therefore, we will discuss scribal practices and tendencies, to get an image of how the Word of God came down to us by way of the copyist. Another chapter, The Practice of Textual Criticism to Determine the Original Reading by Don Wilkins, will deal with scribal tendencies as well.

The originals were completely accurate and without error of any kind. We know that the men who penned the twenty-seven New Testament books “were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2 Pet. 1:21) However, as has been made clear from the outset, we do not have the originals, so we are dependent on the work of the copyists from the first to the sixteenth centuries…

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