Congrats Lynn!!! 🙂

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Editor’s Note:  If you are a subscriber to this blog but not a blogger, this post won’t necessarily make a lot of sense to you.  Suffice to say that this post serves as a “thank you” for blogging community awards.  To pirate and adapt some very famous lines, “These are not your droids.  You may move along.”  In other words, it’s okay if you take a pass on this post. 😉 I’ll be back soon with one of my regularly scheduled devotionals.

Me: Knock-Knock…

You: Who’s there?

Me:  Thistle

You: Thistle who?

Me: Thistle be the last awards post that I write 😉

Yes,  although I am truly grateful for the honor, I find that I am not very timely about accepting awards.

For this reason (and also, because my memory isn’t what it used to be), I think it best that I simply accept my limitations and…

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