The Story of Scripture: An Introduction to Biblical Theology (Hobbs College Library)

The Reagan Review

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This book is the first of 21 volumes in the promising Hobbs College Library series published by B&H Publishing. Matthew Emerson provides what could be called either a broad overview of the Bible or an introduction to biblical theology. That’s a perfect place to begin any series aimed at those in ministry. We need the big picture before we dive into the details. I see this volume as the scholarly presentation of what many old-time preachers called “the Scarlet Thread that runs through the Bible”.

Chapter 1 explains what biblical theology is. It gives an overview of the difficulty that some have found in defining it. He even explains the Dallas School, the Chicago School, and the Philadelphia School, which represents the main viewpoints. The point for us is learning how a passage fits into the grand narrative of Scripture. He also argues for the Bible’s theological unity.

Chapters 2…

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