History From Below

Over at Hyperallergic, I have contributed a new article on the removal of books from the fine arts library at UT-Austin and the planned movement of books from the libraries at UW-Madison [Article Here]. The tales of these two libraries is an increasingly familiar one, wherein thousands of books are deaccessioned or moved into off-site storage in order to make way for a hip new “makerspace” or mixed-use area. These changes are not only redefining what a library is, they are redefining how we interact with them.

IMG_7405A 3D Print of the Temple of Vesta in Rome from the new Copy + Paste makerspace within the Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, PA). The space works along with (rather than in competition with) the Hall of Architecture within the Museum. 

Questions over what a library is (e.g. Is it a book warehouse? Is it a social space?) should also…

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