Teenage Devotional/Apologetic Book


Church youth groups rarely teach apologetics, majoring instead on games & goodies. The goal seems to be to engineer events that ratchet up emotional commitment, as though sheer intensity of experience will compensate for intellectual doubts. But emotional intensity is not enough to block out teens’ questions. If anything, it leads them to redefine Christianity in purely emotional terms – which leaves them even more vulernable when they finally face their questions.’    Nancy Pearcey

I am currently researching and writing a devotional/apologetic book for teenagers – 97bce3d9a9468c10299e4c9ea63668f2mainly for the 14 to 17 age group. This will consist of 52 chapters – each with a prayer, a scripture and a devotional based upon that scripture seeking to answer a key question. More than ever our teenagers are being bombarded with worldviews, mockery and anti-Christian propaganda, which sows not only the seeds of doubt, but can also act like corrosion upon…

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