The Sources of New Testament Textual Criticism

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Edward D. Andrews

If we are to be able to evaluate the readings of the manuscripts that we have, we must be familiar with the manuscripts themselves. Moreover, we must understand how they are connected by their likenesses and differences. Westcott and Hort wrote in relation to internal manuscript evidence, “The first step toward obtaining a sure foundation is a consistent application of the principle that KNOWLEDGE OF DOCUMENTS SHOULD PRECEDE FINAL JUDGMENT UPON READINGS.”[1]

NOTE: This CPH Blog article is 100 pages long (Moreover, it adds links to blog articles that cover the different versions at the end. Do not be discouraged by the length because it is written so that it is easy to understand. When you come across long charts of manuscripts in this CPH article, please keep scrolling because there is more material about other sources after that.

The textual scholar has three sources…

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