In the Words of a Child, an Art Masterpiece

A Teacher's Reflections

The children have started painting in earnest, and studying both art and techniques.  All this work and joy is in preparation for our annual Art Show.  Much more on that to come.

I want to share a funny story this week.  In the mind and eyes of a child:

Alex:  “Can I see that painting again?”

Me:  “Which one?”

Alex:  “The yeller that was lost.”

The yeller that was lost?

Of course!  “The Scream”,  by Edvard Munch.  The figure is screaming, or yelling.  And, we had talked about how it was lost or stolen, and finally found.

Alex remembered.  He loved the intrigue of the art subject, and he really wanted to paint those swirls.

He is doing an excellent job, having returned to his work three times so far.

I’ll forever call that masterpiece “The yeller that was lost.”


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