Resolving Bible Difficulty: Jephthah’s daughter

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For today’s post we will tackle a Bible difficulty the Skeptic Annotated Bible mocked from Judges 11:29-40.  This is a passage on Jephthah’s foolish vow that resulted in harm against his daughter.

Here’s what the Skeptic Annotated Bible have to say:

When “the spirit of the Lord” comes upon Jephthah, he makes a deal with God: If God will help him kill the Ammonites, then he (Jephthah) will offer to God as a burnt offering whatever comes out of his house to greet him. God keeps his end of the deal by providing Jephthah with “a very great slaughter.” But when Jephthah returns, his nameless daughter comes out to greet him (who’d he expect, his wife?). Well, a deal’s a deal, so he delivers her to God as a burnt offering — after letting her spend a couple of months going up and down on the mountains bewailing her virginity.


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