Hedonism and Suicide


Hugh E.P. Platt, A Last Ramble in the Classics:

“Roman philosophy is generally regarded as a mere reflection of the philosophy of Greece; and certainly I shall not venture to dispute this view. I would only remark that in any speculative subject, except for its own students, the opinions of the pupils who enter the world are often of greater interest than the doctrines of the learned professor who instructed them. To a person studying political economy the teaching of Adam Smith is of greater moment than the conclusions of William Pitt. But in what I may call general history the conclusions of William Pitt are of no less moment than the teaching of his master. So Phaedrus and Diodotus and Philo were undoubtedly more capable philosophers than Cicero; but most of us would rather possess Cicero’s philosophical writings than the writings of all three. However, my object in this…

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