Which is Better? A Party or a Funeral? Ecclesiastes 7


This weeks column from Christian Today on Ecclesiastes 7 

One of the problems with modern life is the misuse of the English language. The way that words change or are used in different ways fits well with Solomon’s assertion that everything is meaningless.

One such word is ‘extremist’. We think we know what it means, but it has become a term of insult and of attack. Anyone who disagrees with us or has strong convictions must be an ‘extremist’.

For example the UK government likes to warn us about extremism and in order to appear balanced seems willing to class those who don’t agree with same sex marriage as extremists on a par with ISIS. I was once called an ‘extremist’ because I went to church every Sunday (I shudder to think of what my accuser would have called me if he had discovered I actually went twice).


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