Frontotemporal dementia (FTD), Aberrant Behavior, and Moral Culpability


da64c41efc52765752ec2cbddc60b359--frontal-lobe-function-nursing-notesFrontotemporal dementia (FTD) or frontotemporal degenerations refers to a group of disorders caused by progressive nerve cell loss in the brain’s frontal lobes (the areas behind your forehead) or its temporal lobes (the regions behind your ears)”

Also known as Pick’s Disease, FTD differs from Alzheimer’s Disease in various areas, but most noticeably in age (FTD comes at a younger age) and FTD does not necessarily involve the memory loss which makes Alzheimer’s so noticeable. For a more detailed look at the distinctive testing on FTD see here.  As a general matter,

The frontal lobes, situated above the eyes and behind the forehead both on the right and left sides of the brain, direct executive functioning. This includes planning and sequencing (thinking through which steps come first, second, third, and so on), prioritizing (doing more Important activities first and less important activities last), multitasking (shifting from one activity…

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