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I was joking with Bronwyn and Ellen over coffee about me having a week off and planning to do a lot of running around to get things done with my wife.

“The couple that chores together snores together,” I told them. As they laughed I blurted, “I’ve got to write a blog post about that!”

Because it’s true.

Working together, resting together

My wife is better at chores than I am. It’s not that she’s more skilled at the tasks. Some she is and some I’m more apt to handle.

She’s better at getting chores done. I see things that need doing and embrace the law of entropy. She sees things that need doing and gets in there to do them. Entropy has met its match in her. And so have I.

For me, though, it’s not a matter of facing defeat but in being truly well-matched. We work…

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