Wow, this book IS WOW. Author Tamera Lyn Craft did her homework when writing about the slavery era in US history. I must say, I cringed many times during some of the story  details, that I’m sure are mild compare to the solid truth. One must know how to stomach the sad, gruesome, and conflicting history that we should  learn from. Tamera did an excellent job with creating characters with various views. She had decent slave owners, ruthless slave owners, people who were appalled by the idea of slavery but too afraid to get involved with helping, abolitionists helping in different ways, preachers for slavery, preachers anti-slavery, and of course slaves with different perspectives. America although an abolitionist grew up in an environment of slavery, she felt conflicted in some areas because, she could see both sides of certain arguments. It is an enlightening story and anyone who loves history…

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