An Easter Promise for Scotland – Article on Think Scotland

The following article was published on the Think Scotland website on Good Friday…I think this is the first time I have had something published on this site.
article from Friday 30, March, 2018

REMEMBER WHEN Tony Blair was first elected Prime Minister?  As he entered Downing Street the strains of D:Ream’s Things can only get better wafted through the air in celebration.

Think of the promises that our political leaders so often make – Brexit will make us better off, staying in the EU will lead us to paradise… independence will cure all Scotland’s ills.  During the 2014 referendum I loved seeing the level of political engagement throughout the country – the one sad aspect was the knowledge that lots of people who had had their hopes built up were going to end up being bitterly disappointed.  Broken promises and politics go together like Scotland’s football team and glorious defeat.

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