Ozzie Observations – Week 2 – Katoomba Christian Convention


We have just returned from The Katoomba Christian Convention – an interdenominational Christian conference that has been held in the Blue Mountains since 1903. They have a large centre and run several conventions – KYCK (high school); Oxygen (leaders); Onward (apologetics and evangelism); Basecamp (men); One Love (women); Next Gen (Youth and Children’s leaders) and Easter. It was this latter that your truly was speaking at this past weekend.

Last year I enjoyed speaking at Onwards in Sydney but this was a different ball game altogether. I don’t really think that I am a convention speaker (I’m not really in that league), and I have mixed feelings about conventions anyway – especially those that have been ongoing for many years. The KCC Easter Convention is the kind of event that families have attended for generations – indeed the chairman of the Easter event, Steve Kryger, was someone who first came…

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