Ecclesiastes 7 – Four dangers for today’s Christians

This weeks Ecclesiastes article first published on Christian Today 

Having reflected on the way that we regard our times and look at life, in Ecclesiastes 7: 15-22 Solomon turns to some other conundrums of both ancient and contemporary life. He warns us of four dangers that really hit home today.

Bible Reading

1. The danger of an unrealistic view of life

It seems meaningless that the good die young and the wicked live on. That is sometimes how life is. In the fantasy world inhabited by some Christians and non-Christians alike we have this rather vague notion that there is some kind of karma whereby the good are rewarded in this life and the bad are punished. That’s not the reality, nor is it the Bible’s perspective. The prophet Habakkuk reflected on the injustice in the world and the justice of God.

Your eyes are too pure to look on evil;

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