Interview with Dr Geoffrey Khan

Interaction of Traditions

I am very pleased to publish an interview with Dr Geoffrey Khan, an expert in the field of Semitic studies, and the Regius Professor of Hebrew at the University of Cambridge.

Geoffrey KhanDear Geoffrey, can you describe what attracted you to Semitic languages?

I was very interested in languages in general when I was a teenager. I initially thought that I should aim at a safe career path, such as medicine or engineering, but I realized when I was about 16 that my heart was in the study of languages so I followed my heart and opted for three ‘A’ levels in languages (French, Latin and Italian), i.e. the final school examinations taken by school students when they are 18 years old. When I was considering university courses I was attracted to courses on Semitic languages, since they involved a lot of learning of new languages. Courses on the languages I…

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