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Image result for mindless eatingMindless Eating by Brian Wansink is a book that explores “why we eat more than we think.”

Wansink’s book explores the tricks marketers use to get us to buy their products and how our minds play tricks on us as well to justify our eating habits.  He asserts (correctly) that we’ll never be able to lose weight based off of will power alone if we deprive ourselves of our favorite foods.

Habits are the key.  We do eat out of habit (mindless as Wansink calls it) and subconsciously for various reasons.  Some are from our childhoods.  Others are from watching others’ patterns.  But most are not for sustenance.  Wansink’s research shows we eat from habits, some formed since childhood, and without thinking.  This leads to weight gain over time.

His solution:  Cut 100-300 calories a day in 3 simple changes you commit to that will cause a weight lose over…

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