Women in the Jesus-Movement

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Last night in the UK, Channel 4 aired a TV documentary on the evidence of women’s involvement in the ministry of Jesus and the earliest Jesus-movement, featuring Professor Helen Bond (New College, Edinburgh) and Professor Joan Taylor (Kings College London).  On the whole, and for the popular TV audience for which it was prepared, the programme was interesting and informative.  The main point was (quite rightly) to bring to the foreground the place of women among Jesus’ followers and in early Christianity thereafter.

For many (most?) TV viewers of the programme, the named women who were highlighted (from Luke 8:-3, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Salome), and the references to many other women followers as well, were perhaps new things to consider.  And, of course, with scholars in any discipline, I’m always grateful when the popular media take account of my subject area.

Professors Bond and Taylor performed their task well…

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