Journals Identified by Issue Number

SBL Handbook of Style

Academic writers frequently need to cite articles in various types of serial publications: journals organized by volume, each of which contains multiple issues that are paginated consecutively (see SBLHS 6.3.1–2); magazines that are arranged by volume and issue but not consecutively paginated across issues (see 6.3.9 and here); journals organized by issue only or by a combination of volume and consecutively numbered issue. This post discusses the preferred citation of the latter group.

Although it is most common for academic journals to be arranged by volume and a specified number of consecutively paginated issues within each volume (e.g., JBL), some journals adopt a different approach: publishing each issue as a separately numbered entity (sometimes even designating each issue a separate volume).

For example, the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament was launched in 1976 with the publication of issues 1–3 and continued with issue 4 in…

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