Dealing with the Confusion, Grief, and Existential Chaos of Leaving Fundamentalism or Conservative Evangelicalism

Jesus Without Baggage

If you are questioning beliefs you were taught in fundamentalism or evangelicalism, your journey might be going smoothly or it might involve a lot of fear and uncertainty. It is not easy challenging beliefs we once deeply held. Over a period of time I questioned a number of fundamentalist beliefs I was taught. While the transition was not easy neither was it terribly traumatic because I was convinced that each belief I abandoned was very misguided.

However, there came a point that was tremendously traumatic for me. I wrote about this a few years ago in a piece titled My Spiritual Crisis.

Grieving the Loss of God


Suddenly, I encountered an issue that plunged me into more than a year of deep agony, despair, and grief over the loss of God. It was tied indirectly to my accepting that the story of Adam and Eve was not historical…

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