Divine Violence & Genocide in the Book of Joshua

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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Lecturer comment: You have done well to set a highly academic tone at the outset, with excellent substantiated evidence to support your first point with well-referenced scholarship here and following – quickly highlighting the essence of the problem. As well as your ability to assimilate, integrate and compare various sources of information. Consider using your class presentation and the written aspect to unpack some of the concepts you wish to explore further. Your rubric is inserted after your references. Well done.


The ethical and theological difficulties brought to fruition by the conquest narratives in the book of Joshua are several. I will argue why from questions of historicity of the biblical texts, biblical inspiration, and the nature of God. The paper will close seeking to briefly outline why Christians can still hold to morally problematic biblical texts as God inspired. We will also ask a host of questions stemming…

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