How Our Understanding of Vision Impacts Our Ministry Capacity

Becoming Bridge Builders


In my work with congregations, besides stewardship programs and evangelism causing a rip in the congregational space and time continuum, talk of vision and vision planning also creates havoc. With stewardship, the issues are guilt and often a struggle with trusting God to provide. In evangelism, we feel inadequate. Believers do not feel equipped to talk about their faith with any level of confidence. Vision is problematic because it feels too corporate America. Fortune 500 companies have visions, goals, and strategies. Churches are faith-based. We trust in the divine direction of God. Planning is taboo. Goals are ungodly. Measuring outcomes seems to reduce people to products, right? Vision is often misunderstood. Vision was God’s term first. Let me explain what vision is from a biblical, Christian worldview and explain its role in the life of the church.

A Biblical View of Vision


There is a place for vision…

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