Pick-Me-Up: His Gentle Lead

Through Ink & Image

“The Road Home,” © 2017 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

Note:  Dear Blogging Friends,  Please forgive my spotty presence this past week.  I’m fighting some kind of Spring cold or virus…I’ve missed reading your wonderful posts, but will be more active again as soon as I am feeling better.  Thank you for your understanding! You’re the best! ~Lynn

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

Puppies hate leashes.  I know that because nearly five years ago I brought home a beautiful, chocolate-colored, Labradoodle puppy: Bentley.

Determined to start things off right, I put a leash on him as soon as I arrived home and then, I gently lifted him from the Jeep.  My plan was to introduce him to his new outdoor space.

He balked.  He pulled. He scratched at the leash. He bit it. He tried to run from it. Of course, he didn’t know that an un-fenced garden near a…

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