Thank you, Jendi Reiter

Words of Wisdom

Thank you all! You have been all so supportive! Blessings to all my fellow writers and friends

Subscriber News: May 2018
Recent Honors
Congratulations to Gary Beck. His poetry collection Expectations was released in April in print and e-book editions by Wordcatcher Publishing, an independent press in Wales. From the book blurb: “His explorations of a ‘bankrupt civilization’ and society’s dependence on the cycle of consumerism make a reflective and at times uncomfortable read. Gary is unafraid to challenge us, our ingrained behaviors and our apathy as a society.” Bill Brocato at the Houston Literary Review says, “His work stirs the emotions.” In other news, Gary’s poetry collection Rude Awakenings was published in April by Winter Goose Press. Paradise Review praises his “imagery and emotion that felt unique yet universal.”

Congratulations to Débora Ewing. Her story “Full Moon New Year” was a finalist in the 47th Jerry Jazz Musician Short…

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