Church, We Can Do A Better Job at Being A Community?

Becoming Bridge Builders


The community is the featured topic this week.  Every Thursday or Friday I tease the featured item on Facebook.  Most times it gets one or two snarky comments. Occasionally, a subject hits a nerve.  I rarely comment.  I let the friends go back and forth and allow them to help me shape what path the post might take.

With this issue of community, there were extreme reactions to the subject.  A few opinions display a level of pain; somehow it felt like the church community has caused hurt.  Others were defensive like we should not even talk about the topic at all.  Strange, maybe they sense that community in congregations is lukewarm to non-existent and when we speak about it the unchurched world will discover our hidden brokenness.  I have news for you the unconnected world already knows many churches struggle to be the church in Acts 2 even if they never read about the church in Acts 2.   Starting…

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