The Magnificent Fifty: Foundation of Faith (Introduction)

The Recovering Legalist

Reason for Series of Posts

Since 1978 the Freedom From Religion Foundation (Madison, WI) has fought to completely secularize every aspect of American public life. Part of the Atheist Alliance International and the Secular Coalition for America, FFRF pushes not only a secularist agenda but promotes atheism (“nontheism”) every chance it gets.

Despite the evidence suggesting our founding fathers were far more religious than not, and despite the fact that our Declaration of Independence starts off with the once-common assertion that our “unalienable Rights” are given by God, FFRF claims the very Constitution meant to protect those rights “was very purposely written as a godless document…” Therefore they claim God, faith, and any expression of religion – even cross-shaped memorials for the dead and prayer before local city council meetings – should be eradicated from the public square.

So, in response to their regular attacks on anything religious, and especially in…

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