Where is that peaceful, quiet place that you are longing for,

Is it in empty moments while waiting to do more,

Will you find peace and contentment among the birds that sing,

Or does is come in simpler ways, like watching them take wing,

God comes to us in many ways and most times when we’re still,

Just listen and you’ll hear His voice, through you He does His will,

He whispers when we are troubled, he soothes when we’re in pain,

You’ll see Him in His creation, His voice is clear and plain.

He’s in the heat of summertime, and when the leaves do fall,

When it’s cold and dark in winter, you’ll hear His personal call.

When spring’s refreshing waters wash most everything in sight,

You’ll hear His voice assure you of His overpowering might,

Within our busiest moments, we fold under the pressure,

He opens up…

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