Sunday Sermon Notes: May 27, 2018

Life Project Blog

Title: To Know the Truth

Text: John 8:31-33

For as long as human beings have walked the earth, people have gazed up in wonder at the night sky, beholding the awesome majesty of the Creation of God. We have seen the multitude of stars in the sky, unable to comprehend the vastness of it all and wondered how we fit into such an immense Creation.

What does it all mean, why am I here, where can I find meaning for my life?

These questions, and others along similar lines, have been asked by everyone at one time or another; many say that they have no answer. Many others say that there is no answer, for there is no particular meaning to anything; it just IS.

Philosophers have made their theories, religions have made their theories too, and even politicians have taken a stab at it.

Jesus Christ answered the questions…

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