Biblical Studies Carnival 147 (May 2018)

Reading Acts

Typical Bloggers getting ready for the Carnival

Tim Bulkeley hosted the carnival on his 5 Minute Bible podcast page. Tim featured biblical and theological podcasts, although his hope bloggers would all convert to podcasts for the month (or at least once) did not materialize. Jim West explained How I Became Me… A Horrifying Video and time interviewed Bob MacDonald on his fascination with biblical languages and music. So head over to Tim’s 5 Minute Bible and check out his Biblical Studies Carnival. As most postcasters and youtubers say, be sure to click subscribe.

In other blogging news, Brian Small posted a few Hebrews Highlights on POLUMEROS KAI POLUTROPOS for May. If you use FlipBoard to read blogs, consider following my Biblical Studies magazine. The Web-based version is good, but FlipBoard is an essential app for your iOS device. I use it on my iPad for news and other special interests…

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