968890_4125844082740_744075662_n ART & POETRY BY PAUL & KATHY BOECHER©

A solid base with bones still strong.  A place where love and peace belong,

A fortress from the outside noise.  A buttress which retains our joys,

The inner walls are cracked and dry.   Like aging skin they’re doomed to die,

The roof is in some disrepair.  The windows need some loving care,

In time those things will pass away, but firmly planted it will stay,

If love resumes with owners new, they can make their dreams come true,

A house is just a place you see, but when God’s in it, you’re set free,

To do the things that must be done, to make it shine and add some fun,

With God a house becomes a home,  He builds His love within each room,

If He’s the rock on which we build, our hearts with great joy are filled,

So turn to Him, the firm…

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