Today’s Fragrance:Helmet Of Salvation

Living Life On Purpose

Scriptures:Ephesians 6:17; Isaiah 59:17; 1Thessalonians 5:8
Salvation used here is in the Greek, soteria, meaning, “the embodiment of salvation, aid, victory, prosperity-deliverance, health, help and welfare” according to Thayer and Strong’s Greek and Hebrew Lexicon with its Hebrew word, yeshua, which is Jesus.
Basically, Jesus is our salvation (Psalm 27:1). Why should the helmet be of salvation?
God does not want his children wandering and wondering about the work of Christ and our acceptance in Him. He wants us to be steadfast in his truth that we are eternally saved. Eternal salvation? Yes, absolute salvation! It is either eternal life is eternal or not. We became sinners because of Adam’s sin much more do we receive the gift of life and righteousness because of the one sacrifice for sins forever by Christ’s obedience. Our standing in God is not deactivated by our falling into sin anymore does a…

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